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Integer Knowledge Pte Ltd provides IT security services using the international

standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005 as a framework to reduce and manage enterprise risks.

The 10 Security Control Areas under the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005


  • Security Policy

  • Organizational Security

  • Asset Classification & Control

  • Personnel Security

  • Physical & Environmental security

  • Communications & Operations Management

  • Systems Development & Maintenance

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Compliance

Further information about this standard can be found in


Common Criteria

Companies contemplating on certifying their products to Common Criteria should

contact us for further discussion.


Network Audit and Traffic Management
Corporations need robust network architectures to support their current and future

business needs. The downtime caused by an inefficient network system is simply

too costly for an enterprise that depends on IT as its main driver for its operations.

We review, identify and recommend solutions to ensure that the network

architecture supports the business goals of the corporation.


Network Defense
A corporation's network is subjected to constant harassments over the Internet such

as denial of service attacks where the corporation is prevented from delivering her

service by the attacker flooding the network with false requests.

Other security issues faced by corporations include illegal loading of software by

employees, theft of digital assets like inventions, new business processes, and

bandwidth hogging by employees surfing unauthorized web sites during work hours

etc.  We provide the services to handle the above problems for corporations.


Secure Communication
The Internet has revolutionized communication between individuals and

corporations through the electronic mails. However communication over the

Internet is inherently insecure as the Internet is a public network. This service

helps corporations to identify efficient solutions to communicate securely

internally with its staff as well as with external partners and suppliers.


IT Security Education
IT security is a discipline that requires constant knowledge update. To this end we

have developed practical courses for IT security professionals in the above service


Please refer to our Training page for more information or email us at





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